Feature Session | Weddings | Vickie and Ziyaad

I am so super excited to be posting this today. If you've been following me on Instagram you may have seen some of the sneak peeks from their wedding in February, and today I get to share all the highlights from Vickie and Ziyaad's beautiful day.

After a week of rain and a downpour in the early afternoon, the weather cleared beautifully for the last wedding in the forest at Toadbury Hall.

Looking smart gents!

It was only after the wedding that Vickie told me how butterflies hold a special meaning for her. There were butterflies hidden in her bouquet and Ziyaad didn't know about the significance of the butterflies when he had the signboard made for her. Stories like this one make my heart so happy.

Ok so yes, I'm hopeless romantic and yes, I cried about as much as Vickie did at their engagement shoot...so of course I MAY have got teary-eyed when I saw Vickie in her dress!

*reaches for the tissues...

Theirs was really special ceremony - Vickie sang to Ziyaad before her dad walked her down the aisle. A prouder father in that moment would be hard to find.

They also wrote their own vows (cue more tears!) and this was definitely the first time I've seen the minister take a selfie with the bride and groom in the middle of the proceedings!

The cupcakes were delicious #justsaying and the river made the perfect backdrop for the group and family photographs.