Feature Session - Jontal and Hyron

"You will find, as you look back upon your life,

that the moments when you have truly lived

are the moments when you have done things

in the spirit of love"

- Henry Drummond -

Yes, I'm that photographer who cries at weddings - I'm a hopeless romantic and capturing ceremonies like Jontal and Hyron's gives me all the feels. Thank goodness for waterproof mascara and fixing spray!

This was a truly intimate and special celebration. Just 11 people, including the bride and groom. Jontal's daughter gave her away, her Dad officiated, and her brother and Hyron's best friend stood up as witnesses.

The love these two have for each other is tangible and it was such an honour to photograph their wedding.

Thank you Dean (DGR Photography) for being my right hand on the day.

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