Feature Session - Kim Rawson

"Watch carefully

the magic that occurs

when you give a person

enough comfort

to just be themselves"

- Atticus

It's not often that I get to draw on my Fine Art and Art History background and create a concept shoot like this one - I am so thankful that Kim was such a willing model muse.

The painterly effect in the finished images is a nod to the Old Masters, but the shoot itself would not have been possible without Kim's input. Kim is one of the most dynamic people I have had in front of my lens. She has an enthusiasm that is infectious. She is confident, full of grace, and an absolute joy to photograph.

I submitted one of the images from our shoot into the August 2018 round for Portrait Masters Accreditation, and it earned a bronze placing:

I am thrilled with this achievement, considering the images are judged by some of the best portrait and fine art photographers in the world.

Kim, thank you for bringing my vision to life!

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