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When I moved into my house in 2009, the very first thing I did after offloading my furniture was to put all my artwork up on the walls.

I’m definitely NOT what one would call minimalist! When I was growing up I had framed photos all over my room, at university I made a photo collage of each year of my studies, and kept photo albums all the way through my early 20’s. So it only seemed natural that when I moved into my own place, these favourite frames went up on the walls. Well, that was the idea anyway.

I had always planned to have a gallery wall in my new home - I even bought the frames. Lovely distressed wooden ones from a craft shop. They went into the cupboard while I decided on what photos I wanted to have printed to add to the ones I already had. “I’ll sit and go through my phone one day,” I said. Yes, you read that right - the photographer who uses her phone more than her Canon! I am a Millenial after all, as my father-in-law-to-be teasingly reminds me.

When Dean moved in with me, I thought it was the perfect time to do the gallery wall, but still, the frames sat in the cupboard and the storage on my phone got smaller. I LOVE printed photographs, I always have. Printed products are the core of my photography business. And yet here I was, with empty frames in my own home.

This December it was our turn to spend Christmas with Dean’s parents in Hillcrest. When we arrived at their home, the very first thing I noticed was the wall of photos in the dining room.

Dean and his brothers, his parents, cousins, aunts and uncles, friends... the photos typical of our childhoods where someone in the family had a point-and-shoot and we all got excited when the prints took ONLY an hour at the Kodak shop.

I stared at the wall for ages, asking questions about who was who, trying to recognize faces, thinking how special it was that these photos were on the wall and not in a box like most of mine are. To be honest I felt rather ashamed and hypocritical when I thought about my box of childhood photos.

Even so, the Laskey’s gallery wall just reinforced for me why I do what I do. Each of those photographs was a moment to be treasured. “Hey! Do you remember? That was the day that...” and everyone smiles at the memory. I get to capture that - I couldn’t ask for a job that would make me happier.

So my personal resolution for 2018? You guessed it - the Benson-Laskey gallery wall!

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