Feature Session - Morgan's Boudoir-with-a-difference

Love yourself.

It is important to stay positive

because beauty comes from the inside out.

Jenn Proske

For me, "boudoir" photography is not about photographing a model in skimpy underwear. It's about capturing real women, of all shapes and sizes, with all their realness.

Body confidence is something that many women struggle with - which is why I very rarely post my boudoir sessions online. These sessions are something private - they are sometimes booked as a gift to a partner, but more often just as an empowering experience for oneself. Regardless of the reasons someone might book these sessions with me, the goal is to bring out that inner beauty and confidence.

Morgan and I have done a few shoots together, and her journey towards being confident in herself is really inspiring to me.

Our shoot wasn’t in the style that most people associate with the word “boudoir”. This is something I emphasise with all my sessions: YOU get to decide how you want to be photographed, with guidance from me for wardrobe choices, styling and posing.

For some of my clients, showing a bare shoulder with a hint of a lace bra is enough. For others, it's a killer pair of heels and a corset. For Morgan, two oversized jerseys were great outfits to start with.

Most of us don't instantly become models when we step in front of the camera, so it's important for me to make sure that you feel comfortable. I like to start all my boudoir sessions with a few simple, casual portraits before moving on to the different poses and the more 'revealing' outfits.

An un-buttoned shirt to show off those shoulders, or a dress that can reveal your legs - whatever you want to enhance in the session is what we focus on. For Morgan's shoot we mostly stuck to a black, white and grey palette.

We then added a pop of colour with bright pink lingerie. Even if the lingerie you're wearing isn't going to appear in the images at all, well-fitting gorgeous underwear can give you that extra boost. Again, make use of a gown, robe or shirt to reveal or conceal as much as you would like.

The “white sheet” is one of my favourite set-ups for this style of shoot. It’s a great option for ladies who may feel more body conscious but still want to try the "lying-on-the-bed" boudoir images. You still get to decide how much you want to reveal, with a plain white sheet and accessories like blankets and pillows to cover what needs covering.

Morgan, thank you as always for choosing me to capture your portraits and share your session.

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself.

When you love yourself, that's when you're most beautiful.

Zoe Kravitz

I would love to capture your beauty. For more information about designing a portrait experience that is as individual as you are, contact me here.

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