What Your Photographer Wishes You Knew About Pinterest

A question that comes up often when I first meet a client is "I found these amazing images on Pinterest, can we do these?". Pinterest and Instagram can be wonderful tools for inspiration, but there are some very important things for you to keep in mind when discussing your ideas with your photographer.

Social media apps like Instagram and Pinterest have now made the sharing of images so much easier. It's great to have a world of images literally at your fingertips. I confess, I'm a complete Instagram addict. I also joined Pinterest when I got engaged - as with many brides-to-be I thought it would be handy to quickly save ideas around colours, themes and decor. I then started using Pinterest to find interesting recipes, workout plans, and yes, photographic references.

When a client comes to me with their Pinterest board full of ideas for shoots, my first question is: What is it about these images that you like so much? Is it about the poses? Is it the mood of the images? Is it the location? I ask this because it's important for me to know what you want to get out of your shoot. Be as honest with your photographer as you can be!

This helps me to establish your expectations. If you're booking a session in the middle of the day, you're not going to get images with the rich, warm golden hour lighting. If your board is full of sunset images, then I can recommend that we move your session to the evening to achieve the sunset results. If you're considering a photographer, choose someone whose overall style appeals to you.

It's important to be aware that to ask your photographer to exactly copy someone else's work can lead to copyright infringement. Your board of ideas should be viewed as just that: ideas. Many of those beautiful bridal images I've swooned over are a result of carefully planned and executed styled shoots. They had a creative team behind them and time and money was spent on achieving a very specific set of images. To copy their images exactly means stealing another photographer's intellectual property.

Many clients have come to me with their moodboards and I'll consider the images for reference but the end product will be consistent with my own style.

My Pinterest board for a Christmas-mom-and-daughter-baking themed session.

One of the final images from my shoot.

Be as upfront with your photographer as you can be before your session. Expect the same honesty from them. Trust that your photographer has the experience to guide you to make the most of your shoot.

Whether or not you use Pinterest, Instagram or a scrapbook (I have one of those too!), I always recommend discussing the session with your photographer beforehand. I find that a pre-shoot consultation is great - I get to know you a little better and you have a clear idea of what to expect from me and the session itself. Contact me here to book your consultation.

Need more information about my sessions? Here are some handy FAQs and Tips for making the most of your family portraits.

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