Trashing The Dress with Nina and Kaspar

Last November Nina's bridal party organised a boudoir shoot for her before her wedding. We had a ton of fun that afternoon - lots of sexy outfits, laughs and champagne. I was really excited when Nina got in touch with me again to do a Trash The Dress shoot. I had no doubt that we would have just as much fun, if not more!

When I mentioned to my Mom that I was going to be photographing a Trash The Dress session, she was rather concerned. I'm having my own wedding dress made and I could hear the panic in her voice - it sounds so destructive to trash a dress that you've spent so much money on!

I don't know about you, but these days I hardly know anyone who has re-worn their Mom's wedding dress. Dresses passed down the generations seem to be the exception rather than the rule. I'm rather glad about that - my Mom was tiny when she married my Dad. Her wedding dress is a size 8 (maybe even a size 6) whereas I'm a fit and comfortable 12!

But here's the thing, surely you should be planning to only wear your dress once, on your wedding day? And if you're not going to pass your dress down to your daughter, what on earth do you do with the dress other than let it take up space in your wardrobe? I love the idea of being able to wear the dress one more time, with the pressure of the wedding over and a chance to let loose and have fun!

Trashing the dress doesn't have to be as scary as it sounds. There are lots of ideas out there! Brides who have jumped into swimming pools or dams, danced on the beach and ran into the ocean, hiked through forests, or have simply done a second shoot on a farm.

Nina and husband Kaspar's idea was a little braver!

They had found some references of couples using Holi powder. Seeing their ideas and the bright colours made me even more excited for the shoot. We scouted a great rooftop location in town and set about making a crazy, colourful mess!

Before we got the powder out, we took the opportunity to shoot a few portraits of the couple with the city in the background.

Then, it was time to take a few deep breaths and start the powder wars!

Initially the powder was clumped together and wouldn't spread in clouds like we were hoping it would. But, we kept going!

Layers and layers of powder started to transform Nina's dress into a rainbow work of art.

It takes a lot of love and trust to let your partner attack you with powder bombs. Let me tell you - that green powder went everywhere!

Nina and Kaspar, thank you for choosing me to be part of such an epic shoot. You guys absolutely rocked it. I think you're going to inspire a few brides to take the plunge and Trash The Dress!

And P.S. My Mom loved it!

Interested in your own Trash The Dress session? Let's chat! I'd love to brainstorm some ideas to make your own shoot just as personal and fun!

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Thank you Tracy for putting yourself "in the line of fire" and assisting me. And thank you Shayne Robinson for helping us with the space and the behind the scenes shots. Let's do it again! Below image © Shayne Robinson

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