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Introducing the Family and Friends Referrals Discount

As a family portraits photographer, I often get asked: what made you choose to do what you do? The truth is, I really enjoy photographing families. The old adage of “never work with children or animals” is definitely not true in my case! It's hands down the most rewarding job I could possibly be doing.

Me on the left, my sister Tracy on the right. Copyright (and thanks!) to Jurgen Marx.

Last December my sister and I had a photo shoot done by a photographer friend of mine as a gift for my parents for Christmas. We don’t have many professional photos of us together, and even less (if any) of the two of us with our Mom and Dad. In our holiday pics it’s usually my Dad behind the camera. I know the same holds true for many of my friends.

As I’ve grown older, I wish I had more photos of, and with, my family. But family portraits weren’t really a “thing” when I was growing up. So, I approach my family portrait sessions with the aim of capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

To be able to give people these memories is what I love most about my job. It’s why I encourage Moms and Dads to get involved with the shoot. You don’t always have to have those photos framed or on display, but it may mean something to your children that you (and they) have them.

I also know that it’s not always easy to afford a professional photographer. These days, your smart phone can take the most amazing images, and an Instagram filter can give your pics some oomph. The problem with phone photos is that, unless you are an absolute master of the selfie, chances are you’re still not in the photos!

Having had the photos done with my sister last year, it reminded me of the value of hiring a professional. It also reminded me of the value in having a relationship with your photographer. I believe in getting to know my clients, really understanding why these photos are important to YOU. And if you’ve been happy with my photography, I’d love for you to use me again – when baby arrives, when it’s your little one’s first day at big school, the 16th birthday party…

With that in mind, I’m excited to announce the Family and Friends Referral Discount. And no, this doesn’t mean a discount for just my own friends and family. It applies to anyone who has booked a Family, Couples or Preggie session with Leigh Benson Photography.

So how does it work?

If you refer one person to me and they make a booking for a Preggie, Couples or Family session, they get a 10% discount off their booking fee and you get a 10% discount off your next booking with me.

Refer two people and if they book they each get 10% off their booking fee and you get 20% off your next booking. And so on.

If 10 people that you refer all book with me, yes, you get a shoot for free!

It’s as simple as that! No time limit, no hidden catches. Just me wanting to reward you for your support and for trusting me to capture your memories year after year - and wanting to give others an opportunity to capture their own special moments with Leigh Benson Photography!

Have any queries? Please get in touch with me.

To read up on general FAQ’s regards booking a family portrait session with me, click here.

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