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Frequently Asked Questions – Personal Photography Sessions

Updated: Jan 28

If you are considering me for your Family Portraits, Couples, Boudoir or Preggie

photography, I’d like to put your mind at ease and answer any questions you might have about your session.

Here below is a list of the questions I most commonly get asked by my clients. If there’s anything that isn’t covered, give me a call or pop me a mail and we can chat about any further queries you might have.

Booking a session

1. What do you charge for your packages?

I'm not a "cookie-cutter" photographer. I firmly believe in providing a personalised service aimed at giving you beautiful art imagery that will last you and your family a lifetime.

I offer family shoots including maternity, as well as corporate headshots, personal branding, and weddings. My Personal Photography booking fee starts at R1000 and my Wedding packages start at R13 500.

My fees include an introductory meeting - I believe it's important for me to get to know you and know what it is that will make your portraits session special. At the meeting we will chat about ideas for your shoot and I'll discuss with you options for your finished products (digital images, fine art prints, albums, etc).

Also included in the booking fee is the viewing session where we will get together again to choose your favourite images. You only buy what you love!

For corporate shoots and events, please mail me directly as these are quoted according to your individual requirements.

2. How do I book a session?

It’s really easy to check my availability and book a consultation/introductory meeting, right from my website. Once you’ve completed all your details I will be in touch over the phone to confirm all the details. I believe in giving you a personal experience, tailored for you.

You can also send me an enquiry or call my mobile number. I don’t always answer if I am busy in a session, so please leave a clear voicemail message or send me a text so that I can get back to you.

3. Where are you based? Do you charge for travel?

I stay in Craighall, Johannesburg. I do travel for shoots. Any sessions booked within a 30km radius are inclusive of travel costs.

4. Do you only work on location?

Even though the majority of my shoots take place outdoors or at a client’s home, I do also have access to a studio. Please note that studio bookings require a lead time of at least 10 working days to confirm availability, so let me know when booking or at the consultation that you would like a studio session so that we can accommodate you.

5. Do you do sessions at my house?

Of course! Especially for babies and young children, home is where they are often the happiest. When I arrive for the shoot I will scout for the best locations for images, and as with all my shoots we will discuss ideas for the shoot beforehand.

6. Are you available on weekends?

Absolutely! You can check my calendar here.

7. How does payment work? Do I need to pay upfront?

Once we have discussed your date and session ideas I will send you an invoice for the booking fee. A deposit is required to secure your date.

The balance of the session fee and payment for any products ordered is required before your final artwork is delivered.

I accept payment via EFT, and the invoice will have all my banking details.

8. We’ve booked an outdoors session. What happens if it rains?

Don’t be put off by a cloudy day. An overcast day with grey skies gives nice, flattering light for portraits. However, we do live on the Highveld and summer thunderstorms can play havoc with afternoon shoots.

On the day, I will be keeping an eye on the weather. If we need to reschedule, there is no additional fee for re-booking the session, and you will not lose your deposit.

The session will be rescheduled for a suitable date and time.

9. One of my kids isn’t feeling well, what happens if I must cancel?

Same process as above. I understand that these things happen and you want your little ones to be happy at the session. We can reschedule for a more suitable date and time, at no additional cost to you.

10. What should I wear?

That’s up to you. There’s a blog post just dedicated to preparing for your family portrait session, but in short: wear what you feel most comfortable in.

General recommendations: loud prints can be a distraction especially in group images; you don’t need to dress your family in a matching uniform but wearing similar colours can help the shoot look more uniform (e.g. everyone is in different shades of blue etc).

11. I found a picture I really like on Pinterest – can you copy it?

There are many amazing photographers out there, and it’s only natural to be inspired by these images (I too am a Pinterest and Instagram fanatic). Us photographers put time and technique into the sessions we capture, and I don’t believe in copying another photographer’s work exactly. Read more about What Your Photographer Wishes You Knew About Pinterest.

If you have references that you like let’s chat about them. We can incorporate the ideas into your own session. But please know that I will always shoot the images with my own spin and according to my own style.

12. I’m not good in front of the camera, how are you going to get good photos?

This is something I hear often, and believe me, I far prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front of it! However, I truly believe that everyone can be photogenic. The way I shoot also allows me to capture moments of you and your family that are completely natural. When you’re hugging, or cuddling, or laughing, you’re being YOU, and that always makes for a beautiful image.

I will guide you through the shoot: help you with poses, and then capture the poses and the in-between moments.

13. What do I do if my kids don’t co-operate?

The joy of children is that they can be unpredictable! I’ve seen it all – tantrums, tears, sulking and then giggles a few minutes later! I’m really relaxed in my shoots, which helps to relax you and your family – there’s nothing worse than an uppity photographer barking orders at you. The way I shoot also allows me to capture that quick smile.

For younger kids bringing along a favourite toy or blanket helps as they have something familiar with them.

If your kids are unwell and that’s causing some unhappiness, I will always be willing to reshoot or reschedule.

14. How many people can I include in my session?

My hour long sessions are aimed at groups of 6 or less, so if you have a large family gathering I usually recommend booking me for two hours. This allows enough time to capture all the family groups and individual shots.

15. Do you offer special discounts?

I regularly run special offers for seasonal shoots – follow me on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram and stay up to date with any current specials.

If you love my work and would like to refer me to friends and family, I also have a referrals discount.

After the shoot

1. How do I receive my images?

This will depend on the package you have chosen. With all printed images, I do supply a digital version of the image for you to share on social media.

These digital images are supplied to you either on USB or via an online gallery with download access. The gallery is protected so that only you have access to download your images. If you would prefer, I can also send download links via We Transfer or Dropbox.

I deliver all printed products to a location of your choice, or you are welcome to collect from my office in Craighall, Johannesburg.

2. Do I get edited images?

Yes you do!

My editing process for the final images you select includes creative cropping, colour correction, application of my own personal editing style, removing non-permanent blemishes (e.g. bruises, pimples), black and white conversions of images etc.

If you have specific retouching requests please let me know at our consult before the shoot or at your viewing session, as there may be an additional cost involved for more extensive editing.

3. Can I have the RAW files?

No, I don’t supply the raw files. Giving you the raw files would be me giving you the baking ingredients instead of the cake!

4. When do I receive my images?

7-10 days after your shoot, you will receive the link to your online gallery. Once you have chosen your images and packages, delivery will take place within 20 days, once payment has been received in full.

5. How many pictures will I get?

This will depend on your requirements and chosen package.

Once the shoot is done, I will delete images that have you blinking or talking. I will also delete out any obvious duplicates of the same pose. This means that you are getting the absolute best images to chose from.

6. Do I get the copyright of the images?

The copyright and ownership of the images remains with me, the photographer. I may post the images to my social media accounts, my blog, website, and use the images to advertise Leigh Benson Photography.

You may use the images for your own personal enjoyment. If you are putting them on the web, mentioning me as the photographer (or with a link back to my website or tagging my social media handles) would be most appreciated!

I won’t sell your images to any agency or image stock library, and you may not make any money from the sale of my images, unless with prior knowledge and consent by both parties.

7. I don’t want anyone else seeing my images – can you keep them private?

Yes, of course. Photography is a very personal thing and I respect your privacy. I keep all boudoir shoots offline as these are very intimate. If you would prefer your session not be featured on my website, blog or social media, please let me know.

8. My hard-drive crashed and I’ve lost the photos, can you resend them to me?

I keep a hard-copy back-up and cloud back-up of all my edited shoots, and can re-deliver the final images chosen from your session to you at a small fee to cover USB and delivery costs. I do recommend making a duplicate copy of the images or saving them to a cloud-based storage system once I've delivered them to you.

9. What happens if we want to purchase more images from our session in the future?

You are welcome to purchase additional images from your session at any time.


1. How long have you been doing this for?

I started studying Fine Art Photography at Rhodes University in 2002 and graduated with Honours in 2005. I have been shooting family portraits since 2006. I genuinely love what I do and I am very blessed that photography is my full-time job.

2. How would you describe your style?

I am always on the look-out for moments where you and your family are most natural. My favourite images of my clients are those when they’re not looking at the camera. They’re relaxed and aren’t even paying attention to me. That’s when I can focus on the special bonds between you as a couple or family.

Many of my clients prefer more traditional portraits and I like to give you a wide variety of images to view after the shoot, so expect to see the natural relaxed images alongside posed images.

For more specific queries relating to commercial photography or weddings, contact me directly and let’s chat.

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