A Very Special Tradition

Each year since her daughter Bella was born, my friend Sarah and I come up with a Christmas-themed photoshoot. We've had some amazing moments while on these shoots (which have included running through Delta Park in the rain with bright red balloons in 2014 and accidentally driving in the Rea-Vaya bus lane in town in 2015), and this year was no exception.

This year, we went baking!

I say we "went" baking, because one of Sarah's friends graciously loaned us her kitchen, and allowed us to make a mess for a morning. And make a mess we did! There was flour and egg, tinsel and utensils, cupcake wrappers and baking trays and dishes...and gold glitter that stayed on us for days!

We laughed because we weren't sure how to work the oven, we laughed because icing ended up on noses, we laughed at the sheer joy of choosing decorations for each cupcake, and we laughed at the fact our cupcakes were, in fact, edible!

Each year, these shoots bring out something special for us - these two just have the best relationship and I've been blessed to watch Bella grow up into an amazing young lady, of course she does have one brilliant Mommy to look up to!

After a rather challenging and stressful 2016, coming together for the shoot and editing the images afterwards was just what I needed! Our annual Christmas shoot always reminds me of just why I started shooting family portraits in the first place: it's so rewarding to capture these moments. It's a special feeling being able to use my camera as a tool to bring joy to Sarah and Bella and to many other families too!

Wishing all of you a wonderful festive season!

Keep doing what makes your heart happy!

Leigh x

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